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The bathroom is without-a-doubt one of the most important rooms in your house. That’s why you deserve a bathroom that meets all of your needs: comfort, style, and functionality. The bathroom remodelers from Bath Plaza USA will make sure your new and improved bathroom checks all those boxes! Since 2020, we’ve been some of the most sought-after bathroom remodelers in Smyrna, GA—and now we’re ready to work with you! 

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When should you replace your bath or shower? 

If you’re like many homeowners in Smyrna, GA, you’ve probably asked yourself, “how do I know when it’s time to replace my bath or shower?” Don’t worry—we have an answer for you! As your bathroom ages or your family changes, there are certain clues you should look for that the time has indeed come to remodel your bathroom. 

Signs you need bathroom remodeling

  • Cleaning is difficult: Old bathroom finishes often begin to turn yellow or develop permanent stains as they age. If no amount of cleaning can make your tub or shower look new again, then a replacement is in order. 
  • The finish is damaged: Spiderweb cracks in a tub or shower’s finish will lead to dirt, mildew, and mold. Finish can’t be repaired or replaced, so we recommend a full replacement tub instead. 
  • Lifestyle has changed: Whether it’s new children entering the family or older kids moving out, you may find that your changing lifestyle necessitates a change in your bathroom layout. Converting a tub into a shower is perfect for young adults, but small children may prefer a tub. Likewise, aging homeowners may wish to upgrade to a walk-in tub with all the latest safety features. 

Questions about which remodeling option is right for you? Call us today at [phoneumber] and our Smyrna, GA bath remodelers would be happy to help! 

Services by Our Smyrna, GA Bath Remodelers

When it comes to updating your bathroom, there are many exciting options to choose from. The remodelers at Bath Plaza USA are trained to handle all popular renovation projects and are excited to share their services with you.

Our bathroom remodelers provide: 

  • Bathtubs: New and replacement bathtubs in your choice of style, size, and material. 
  • Shower enclosures: Custom-built acrylic enclosures with or without a shower door. 
  • Combo units: For maximum convenience—you can shower or bathe in the same enclosure depending on your mood! 
  • Walk-in baths: For easy and safe accessibility at any age! 

Popular Bath Materials by Bath Plaza USA

Not all baths and showers are made alike. From high-end materials to accessible styles and more, you have the power to customize your new bathroom fixture. Each material has its own unique properties, so be sure to read about them below before you make your decision. 

Choose from high-quality materials like: 

  • Acrylic: Lightweight, tough, and totally customizable. 
  • Fiberglass: Extremely lightweight and easy to install. Not quite as sturdy as cast iron, granite, or steel. 
  • Cast iron: Built like a tank, cast iron tubs will last a lifetime. 
  • Granite: Beautiful and exclusive, but requires regular maintenance. 
  • Enameled steel: Heavy-duty and long-lasting. 

Unsure of which option is best for you? Just give us a call at 917-679-2700 and our bath remodelers will help you choose the best one! 

Meet Your Smyrna, GA Bathroom Remodelers! 

Our Smyrna, GA bath remodelers are standing by and ready to begin your project. All you have to do is let us know what you’re looking for in terms of design, and we’ll make the rest happen! Our talented remodelers will have your bathroom completely transformed in no time at all. Plus, we’ll do it for a price you are certain to love. 

When you’re ready to improve your bathroom, look no further than the expert bathroom remodelers at Bath Plaza USA. Call us today at 917-679-2700 to get your free estimate! 

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