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Walk-In Bathtubs in Smyrna, GA

Are you looking to add safety and accessibility to your bathroom without sacrificing comfort or style? We have the perfect solution for you: walk-in bathtubs by Bath Plaza USA. A walk-in bath gives homeowners the freedom to age with safety, comfort, and dignity while remaining in their homes. They’re also an excellent solution for homeowners who have restricted mobility. We have a wide selection of walk-in bath options and styles to choose from in a range of prices. Our remodelers are here to make sure you get the perfect bath for your accessibility needs. 

For over years of experience, Bath Plaza USA has been the go-to walk-in bath company in Smyrna, GA. In that time, we have remodeled hundreds of bathrooms throughout Smyrna, GA to make them more comfortable for aging residents. 

#1 Walk-In Bathtubs Installers in Smyrna, GA

Installing a walk-in tub is a job best left to trained professionals. At Bath Plaza USA, all of our remodelers are trained and well-versed in the needs of homeowners who are aging or of limited mobility. That’s why we offer a range of specialized features like low-threshold steps, non-slip surfaces, and grab-bars. Our baths are also built using antimicrobial materials like acrylic to maximize cleanliness and ease of maintenance. We’ll talk you through the version options for your new walk-in tub in Smyrna, GA, and help you select the perfect one for your practical needs, style, and budget. Once you’ve made your final decision, we’ll have the bath custom built-in by our trusted manufacturing partner and schedule your installation.

Questions about which walk-in bath option is right for you? Give us a call at 917-679-2700 and we’d be happy to help! 

Why Walk-In Bathtubs by Smyrna, GA?

There are numerous benefits to upgrading your bathroom with a walk-in tub. Keep in mind that not all walk-in baths are made alike, and you most likely won’t find the “right” tub off the shelf at a hardware store. Partnering with Bath Plaza USA means you can fully customize your new walk-in without having to settle for whatever is available. 

Spa-like comfort: Contoured seating and whirlpool jets are just a few of the many features designed to bring your comfort and relaxation. 

Safety features: Getting into and out of your tub will be safe and simple with features like grab bars, low-step threshold, and hinged door. 

Independence: Traditional tubs can be slippery and dangerous for aging residents, so a walk-in tub will allow you to stay in your home well into the future with safety and confidence. 

High-quality: Our tubs are custom-built using high-quality materials like antimicrobial acrylic. 

Excellent reliability: Each of our Smyrna, GA walk-in tub installers are expertly trained and has many years of experience with bathroom remodeling. Your tub will be installed so it’s sturdy, airtight, and watertight, and will remain so for years to come. 

Your Smyrna, GA Walk-In Bathtub Team! 

Are you ready to upgrade your bathroom with a custom walk-in tub? So are we! Our remodelers are standing by and ready to consult with you on how we can best help. From the first call to the final walkthrough and every step in-between, we’ll guide you through the project with courtesy and expertise. We’ll ensure you receive a high-quality product that will last for many years to come with easy maintenance. We’ll also make sure you do it within your budget and timeframe. 

To schedule your walk-in bath installation in Smyrna, GA, give our team a call at 917-679-2700 or fill out the short form on our website.

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